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Normal service resumes.

After an amazing but very busy Christmas, followed by an post Christmas lull. We are effectively back to normal service again. Everyone has gone back to work, the daily post is flowing once more and the parcels are finding their stride. We have acquired a few more customers over the Christmas period one predominantly mail delivery and the other a parcel sender. One of each always keeps the balance right.

After an amazing start to our business in 2023 what have we got planned for 2024. Our first objective is to grow our mail volumes, we have so much scope to increase our mail volumes. Due to the huge demand from customers to keep our Christmas post boxes open all year round. We are going to trial local post boxes to see what kind of response we get. Added to that we have ongoing talks with a service which will benefit hugely from our mail deliveries. Month on month our mail deliveries continue to grow, it’s been a wonderful experience watching it grow, watching the sorting evolve and being an integral part of delivery, collection, sorting and planning. 2024 will be an exciting year for us, we can’t wait to deliver Wirrals local mail and parcels.

Due to the success of our Christmas post boxes, this week we will donate £150 to Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group this years nominated charity. Out target was £100 so I’ve have easily surpassed our expectations. Delivering Christmas is what we did, nothing left undelivered every parcel made it under the Christmas tree. How many of you received a late Christmas card or an undelivered parcel the week after Christmas? I received a Christmas card in the New Year sent first class on the 15th December, that was the worst example of 4 late cards.

Tomorrow could possibly be the busiest Tuesday we have ever had. The bicycle mail delivery in the morning is up there with our busiest days posting. And the bookings for our parcel service have already ensured an extremely busy day, so LPS must rest to prepare for a long day. Have a great Tuesday.

Not just a postman.

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