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Net zero every day

Our venture into keeping our planet and especially Wirral residents air clean is going great guns. Delivering by bike has its ups and downs, you can take shortcuts, you can get straight to the door as you don’t need to find a place to park, it’s great exercise and the fresh air is wonderful. On the downside I am not the quickest cyclist, and I’m certainly not the fittest cyclist. But the pains I am feeling on a daily basis is just my body adapting to change. I’m already feeling fitter and I am looking forward to the weekend to give my muscles a much needed rest.

The best thing about using the bike is saving money on fuel and of course the benefits it has to our environment. We always had one eye on becoming greener than our competition and with them having no electric vans currently on the Wirral it wasn’t going to be a difficult challenge to succeed in. To be net zero at this stage is a thrill and a huge plus for the business.

I suppose the one reflection I can share with you today if your starting a new business is that your business won’t be in the same shape you imagined before you started. Everything changes and evolves from start-up, things you plan for need to be altered, ideas you have need to adapt. Don’t be afraid of changing something if it’s not working, there is always a better way. It might just require a bit of figuring out. I always planned to deliver in a vehicle and eventually go electric in 2025 to boost my green credentials. After delivering in a vehicle I have realised that a vehicle isn’t necessary and it’s certainly not cost effective. Delivering by bicycle might cost me a bit more in time but the benefits and the savings outweigh the use of a vehicle. An e-bike will be how we evolve thro the next phase, which will then save us time but also keep our greener credentials.

Todays Wirral fact is Leasowes lighthouse is the oldest surviving brick built lighthouse in the UK, built in 1793 it was also the first lighthouse in the country to have a female lighthouse keeper. Mrs Mary Elisabeth Williams began her service as lighthouse keeper in 1908.

Not just a postman.

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