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Local businesses saves 4k by using Local Postal Solutions

Since we posted our first letter at the beginning of August 2023 we have to date saved local businesses over £4,000 and improved their overall service and efficiency. A business sending an average of 100 budget letters locally a month will save £30 every month or £360 a year. In a time of spiralling prices, Local Postal Solutions is a welcome relief on small businesses finances. We have customers ranging from 30 items a month upto 800 items a month. Furthermore we collect from your address, sort the mail we can deliver and when we deliver your mail we can engage the customer to further promote your business.

We deliver mail for some extremely well known Wirral businesses, Walsh autos have been with us since the start. John Mighall removals have recently switched to us to send their local mail which now includes Neston and Ellesmere Port. The fabulous family run Home Heating Systems have been using our service since the start of 2024. Safety panda are the most recent company to start sending their mail through us. We also deliver for some Wirral schools who make even greater savings along with local charities who use our service. Apollo healthcare West Wirral and South Wirral also started using LPS to distribute their mail and marketing leaflets.

The most overwhelming statistic is that everyone who has switched not just their post but their parcel deliveries continues to use our service. The main reason for that is not financial, it’s due to the exceptional complete service we can offer them 6 days a week. No other postal firm can deliver your mail the same day as collection, we can and we can deliver that service for less than £1 a letter. It’s an absolute honour and a privilege to bring savings to all of these amazing local businesses and services. It’s a reward they deserve for being able to think outside of the box, and putting their faith in a local business trying to help local businesses.

We have 37 days left to complete our first year and we hope that by that time we would have saved local businesses over £5,000. If your a business or service that sends local mail, why not give us a trial, you will be amazed at the service, shocked at the savings and full of resentment that you hadn’t found us sooner 😂. You know what they say better late than never. Don’t forget we also deliver your parcels same day and we can also deliver leaflets for local business only. Together we can make Wirral the first region in the country to have its own sustainable mail and parcel delivery service.

Not just a postman

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