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Learn something new every day.

Information is key and I have a lot to still learn. I love days when the penny drops and you just get something for the first time or learn something new or simply get pointed in the right direction. Today was one of them days, sometimes the new information that you get might be negative for example a tax you didn’t know about. And sometimes it might be positive where that piece of information might put you on the back foot at first. But then when you step back outside your bubble you realise this new piece of information is actually really positive news and gives your business more strength. We live and learn.

Visited Wallasey today and although the heat was stiffling I can’t recall seeing the sun. The bike was as cranky as ever but I am week by week turning a higher gear, but riding a bike everyday has been a godsend for my fitness and well being. I might not be saying that when it tanks it down next, but for now I will be grateful. Did I mention Royal Mail are putting their prices up again!!! Oh yes I did yesterday, just in case this isn’t a price increase following yesterdays price increase it’s Royal Mail they are not greedy……..

No fact today it’s past midnight and I need to rest up for tomorrows Tour De Wirral, by the way I will be the one wearing the yellow jersey.

Not just a postman.

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