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Leaflets - Boost your business for less.

I am going to be totally transparent, delivering leaflets was never in my thought process when starting LPS. In recent months it has become a real growing part of the business, mainly due to our ultra competitive rates and the fact we can deliver your leaflets alongside our mail run to the entire Wirral. One thing I have learnt about leaflets is that if you post a leaflet without addressed mail, you may as well be posting them straight in the bin. Up until now only Royal Mail could offer leaflet posting with mail, but now we can offer all of the benefits of leaflet posting with mail for a fraction of the price. Due to our leaflets being delivered with mail we can also deliver cheaper than independent leaflet companies who solely deliver leaflets.

Our most recent leaflet delivery has been amazingly successful for our clients. Leading to greater footfall and impressive sales boosting their business. Furthermore we respect customers wishes on the doorstep. If you have gone to the trouble of putting up a notice saying no door to doors, leaflets, flyers etc we respect that wish and save that leaflet for a customer who might welcome the delivery.

There is no complexities to our tariffs it’s simply 5p per leaflet delivered. Delivered with addressed mail but also our more personable service. When we meet customers on the doorstep we will when possible verbally relay your offers or promotions on your leaflet before they look at it. We know this is making a difference in leaflet marketing and your business could be next to take advantage.

Not just a postman.

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