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Leaflet delivery, a positive experience.

First of all, this is yesterdays post as the website just wouldn't work last night grrrrr.

My experience of delivering leaflets in my years in the postal service has mostly been negative, stuffing 3 or 4 items of advertising in with peoples post is not a happy experience for postman or customer. Customers would often pop them straight in the bin after you have just spent 30 seconds walking up their drive. Or the usual mutterings of more s***e, and I totally agree as a customer too its a minor annoyance. On my leaflet if you receive one it says we will not deliver unsolicited mail or advertising leaflets, take away menus etc. I forgot to mention unless its our junk, so please forgive us we are aiming to save you money after all.

Today(yesterday) I was at the heartbeat of Birkenhead, the town centre and Hamilton Square and I always have to prepare myself for the immediate brush off from potential recipients, I am a delicate soul. I delivered approximately 800 leaflets and I had 1 marginally negative experience the other 799 were positive experiences. When I say positive experience 750 were doors that cant talk. The other 49 or so people who I had the pleasure to talk to were super attentive and amazingly positive about what we offer. We know this is not for everyone, but everyone will know someone or a business that will find us useful.

So door to doors as we call them are not generally very popular, but for Local Postal Solutions it serves a significant purpose. First of all it's making potential customers aware of who we are, and more significantly posting is what we specialise in. Secondly it's for people to see us out on the street doing what we do, to see we actually exist. Below is a photo of our chief leaflet deliverer (it's me) if you see me out and about, please say hello.

Not just a postman

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