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Last week was crazy

So I ended up missing my blog most of last week. It was just a crazy week off selling a car and trying to find a replacement and juggling finances to balance the books. Blogging took a back seat but I hope to re-establish my Monday to Friday routine this week even tho it’s a bank holiday. Despite the bank holiday we were still delivering today due to the fact that next week will be our busiest week since we started, and I needed to get off to a flier as the car buying situation threatens to take up some of my time this week.

It was a good day to be delivering as the roads were so much quieter but a word of warning, if your going anywhere tomorrow or even this week avoid the roundabout linking Spital Road to Bromborough Road it was absolute chaos today despite the lack of traffic. It’s a definite area to avoid if you are time bound for the foreseeable. Maybe I should have a segment on traffic reports, being on the bike I can easily skirt round them but as I am covering Wirral on a weekly basis it’s a service that can be pretty important.

After missing most of last week I suppose I can’t end today without a fact about our beautiful peninsula. Hilbre Island is one of 43 unbridged tidal Islands that can be reached on foot from Great Britain. It is one of only 18 tidal islands in England. It’s been many years since I have made the walk over to Hilbre Island but it’s a memory that lasts. It’s the one and only time I’ve seen seals in the wild and some of the views and scenery are spectacular. However if someone sends any post through us their it will be the one and only time I would recommend using Royal Mail 😂

Not just a postman.

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