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Its raining, its pouring, the old man carries on regardless

Everything has been building up to today, including the rainclouds. It barely stopped for a minute but despite having the option to maybe put it off for another day. I decided to plough on through the rain and show my potential new clients that there is nothing the great British weather can throw at me to stop the wheels of industry turning. So my brand new uniform had a torrid start to its life, for me its just another day at the office.

Mail delivery is a lot like any other job or school, the clock finally hitting home time or the bell ringing. There is an overwhelming self satisfaction of completion, of freedom even. When you have been delivering mail in the rain all day the feeling at the end can be multiplied by 10. It can be miserable, lonely (cos no one else dare go out) and everything is wet including what your delivering. Those people I do see, I always have a smile for, I think its a smile which tells them he's happy in his work (and I am) but its also a smile which suggests we are equally crazy.

I have always been a firm believer of trying to turn negative situations into a positive outcome. So, the negativity of 8 hours in wet weather has flipped to the fact that its given me a topic to blog about. In my previous job, we would often be told we had received a complaint on days when it had been tipping down that the post had been delivered wet, its a very common complaint, I would understand the complaint if it had been sunny all day. But even in full waterproofs when it rains heavy as soon as you touch a bundle of mail its wet. Maybe one day someone will invent something to keep paper dry in extreme wet weather, until then the only thing we can do is not deliver and wait for a dry day.

Aside from the weather, website building, what a frustrating time consuming effort that is. If I wasn't already grey I would be now, so maybe this is the time I start losing my hair, if it doesn't get washed away by the rain first.

Not just a postman.

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