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Introducing, smart leaflet delivery.

Smart leaflet delivery is a service that specializes in delivering leaflets to specific target markets. Using our vast experience, common sense and knowledge of the region, we ensure that your leaflets reach the right people at the right time. Our delivery process is efficient and cost-effective, but most importantly we streamline your leaflets to target your specific market. With our service, you can effectively promote your business or event to the desired audience, increasing your chances of success and decreasing the wasteful delivery of leaflets to addresses which are probably not going to use your specific service. Choose smart leaflet delivery for targeted and impactful marketing.

Currently when your business decides to run a leaflet campaign. Upto 33% of the delivery will be going to addresses that you have zero chance of generating a lead from.  At Local Postal Solutions we won’t inanely go from door to door delivering leaflets. We can target your leaflet to more specific targets with our knowledge of the area and the knowledge of where we are delivering.

Examples of smart leaflet delivery:
Your business sells double glazed windows and doors - We would target your leaflet delivery to privately owned houses and away from houses which are under the ownership of housing associations, councils and sheltered housing. 

Your business is a garage - We would target houses with driveways, cars parked directly outside to increase the percentage of direct hits. Delivering to addresses that don’t have evidence of having a car is just a waste of time, paper and your money. 

By adopting smart leaflet delivery from Local Postal Solutions your leaflets have a much greater chance of hitting their intended target. The range of your delivery is increased by up to 33% with the saving of non delivery to potential cold calls. If your business wants to target specific areas, we can deliver anywhere you need us to on the Wirral peninsula. We will always be in uniform increasing customer confidence by looking professional at all times. 

Smart leaflet delivery is available now, call 07830 369 446 to increase your businesses chance of creating leads and extending the area in which your leaflet drop is targeted. Our field representatives will be happy to help you harness your leaflet delivery potential.

Not just a postman.

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