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Imagine if Wirral was it’s own island.

That’s literally what we have had to do to set up this postal network. Imagine Wirral as an island cut off from the mainland and having to be self sufficient. All our taxes being pumped back into Wirral, no large national companies dominating our high streets stripping back local peoples jobs with self service checkouts. Our own transport network, electricity supply, water supply. We have nearly everything we need to be self sufficient, one thing we haven’t got is a postal network that’s ours, and a postal network that’s affordable to be used by every business and service that doesn’t strip away every penny of profit that you make. When you think about it, it suddenly makes sense that not just Wirral but every county, large city and region should have its own affordable postal service.

I say it over and over again, when you send mail it’s 85p for the cheapest stamped item now with Royal Mail. It doesn’t matter if that mail is going 100 metres down the road or to the end of the country it costs the same. So who is getting the best value? Companies that send mail nationally, you know those huge multi million pound companies. Whilst at the other end of the scale the local business struggling to make ends meet yet has to pay 85p to send a letter to the next town and are getting very little value for their money. Our small local businesses sending mail locally are actually subsidising the cost of mail for the big national companies who are getting plenty more value from their nationwide mail. The best example for this is our local schools, most of their mail goes out to a catchment area within a 1 mile radius of the school. Yet they pay the same price (probably more if they don’t send enough to justify a franking machine) than a national company distributing an advertising leaflet to every corner of the UK. And then there’s the added insult of the school are probably just relaying information with no intention of selling or making a profit. Yet the national company are sending mail to encourage a sale that will pay for their mail distribution and more. That’s why we have set up Local Postal Solutions, to bring huge savings to every Wirral school, business and service.

The concept of Wirral being an island is just to establish boundaries, those boundaries will be broadened over time. But within those boundaries, value will be given and charities within those boundaries will be blessed.

Not just a postman

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