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I have found a job…….

That’s more boring than website developing………data inputting. Oh my word, I don’t know how many hours I’ve thrown at it today. It really should have been a job that was finished before I officially started. Another harsh lesson learnt, at least I still have some scope to make time for these jobs.

Its been quite a tedious day, but some tasks just are and until I am mega successful they will continue to be my jobs. The bulk of the days inputting was for schools, it’s a an area I am keen to offer this service too. But it’s very difficult to get into a school if your not recognisable so I figured it’s e-mail time. I couldn’t quite believe how many schools there are on the Woodchurch, it’s quite phenomenal how such a smallish area can have so many schools.

As I deliver to the Wirral and have the joy of being out and about all week. I am going to dedicate a section of the blog to local history encompassing all our little towns and villages. Today I am going to focus on an area I grew up which is Oxton village. And todays fact is:

Oxton village is not in the same place as Oxton village was originally. The original location of Oxton Village was by the church by the Caernarfon Castle. I’m gonna have to Google every other Wirral fact from now on as that was my one fact. And who knows it might not even be true.

Not just a postman.

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