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Fridays late blog

Fri 20/10

Mail items 45 Monthly 817

Parcel items 74 Monthly 1281

Ran out of time to blog last night, it was a horrific day for all outdoor workers on Friday. It never stopped raining, not for a second. It’s amazing when your soaking wet through that some warm hearted customers ask you to step in out of the rain. It’s always a lovely gesture but it’s at a point when you actually can’t get any wetter. So stepping inside someone’s house and dripping all over their lovely carpet is not an option. When your wet, your wet and although we might look pitiful it’s our job, it’s what we do. You can be excused for thinking we are mad for being out in such weather. I worked indoors in a factory for 10 years and I would take a day outside in the rain over being indoors every day of the week.

Not just a postman.

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