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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Our latest method of delivery meant an early cycle ride to Eastham before commencing delivery at 7am. In a last minute alteration I opted to take the route along the front of Eastham Country Park next to the Mersey. The sunset was magnificent and the silence was blissful, I say silence you’ve probably not heard the rickety bike, it’s not the smoothest ride. The route and the alternative way of doing it proved very successful for Eastham and Bromborough. I am not convinced it will have the desired effect in Wallasey tomorrow. The geography of the postcode area of Wallasey is completely different to New Ferry and Bromborough. I’d say the area of Wallasey is far more classically laid out as a postcode whereas New Ferry and Bromborough is very different mainly due to the length and width of each postcode.

I am gonna keep this blog short tonight, the heat the days work and the impending workload is contributing to a very tired man this evening. No fact tonight, just enjoy the next few days of sunshine.

Not just a postman.

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