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Deliveries start next week

We are pleased to announce that deliveries will begin next week, it’s been a very exciting time for us and we can’t wait to start delivering for our customers. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, and the real hard work is still to come. We are more than up for the challenge, this is what we do. If you see a local postal solutions stamp on your Mail then you’ve been one of our many customers.

Getting a foothold in this market was always going to be our toughest challenge, as well as convincing people there is a better cheaper alternative. Day by day, people are realising there is another option. We are revolutionising the process for a better service and the savings that we can make are passed on to our clients. We hope that if you can’t join us (cos you don’t send post) you can spread the word and let people on the Wirral know about us.

There’s a quiet feel to the end of the week, I will be taking a trip down to the New Brighton festival for some much needed family time with my 3 year old son , my nephew and drag the folks out for some fresh air. So if your going down there we might cross paths. Hope everyone has a good Thursday and stays safe.

Not just a postman

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