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December madness starts with a bang.

The biggest 24 days in our brief history is underway with a record number of parcels, a 2 hour leaflet delivery and a 2 hour mail delivery. One of my favourite things about this new business is the variety in the day compared to my old job. It’s not just 5 hours of walking every single day and all the repetitive strains that brings. It’s a bit of walking, some collecting, some driving, mail delivery, leaflet delivery, parcel delivery, meeting potential clients, updating websites, invoicing, filming for TV, radio interviews, marketing input, accountancy and blogging. I have had to learn most of these and although I am a jack of all trades, I am a master of delivery.

We have exciting opportunities next week, our Christmas post boxes are expected to crank up a notch which in turn automatically increases our mail volumes. Our parcel deliveries in theory should hit record highs. And our ongoing leaflet work gives some time for me to work without needing to think. Our smart leaflet deliveries are really starting to take off, I honestly thought our prices were too high, turns out I misread the tables from a national distributor who give a price for like 100,000 items but in the small print it says price per 1000. And it turns out we are more cost effective than the major players again. In a short space of time we have delivered 6 leaflet campaigns with amounts ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. It’s strangely one of my favourite things to deliver probably because you get to decide which way to turn and not be dictated by the addressed mail or parcel. It’s a very simple thing to do. My one rule is, if someone has gone to the effort to communicate no junk Mail respect their wishes and move on. In my previous employment you were told to ignore the sign unless they had phoned up to specifically request no junk Mail. If you withheld the leaflet to respect the customers wishes you could be disciplined or even sacked for wilful delay. Add that to the list of one of many reasons why I started this business.

Saturday deliveries awaits, it’s strangely one of my quietest days of the week normally. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Not just a postman.

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