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Christmas 🎄post box 📮 is proving to be very popular.

As the week has gone on the Christmas post box just gets busier and busier. We are nearly at half way with our target, and the feedback we are getting has made it all worthwhile. It has really made our routes more viable and has given us further insights into our current scope and capabilities. Although the volumes look intimidating so far we haven't been overly stretched. So keep posting and we will keep delivering.

There have been calls for the post boxes to remain after Christmas. It's obviously something we have already considered, and we will have a few conversations and work out the viability going forward, all I can say for now is watch this space.

As the week rolls to an end we have already recorded our highest parcel and mail totals in a weekly period. Everything is on an upward curve and we expect this to continue till Christmas. Soon after we will be celebrating our first new year as a business. And 2024 could be stellar for us and if it's stellar for us by the nature of our business and what we do it will be stellar for everyone involved. We might be a small new business venture, but our vision is vast and we are not to be underestimated. What we offer going forward has the potential to turn the market on its head. Our pursuit to do this will be absolutely relentless, we simply will not stop.

Not just a postman.

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