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Christmas planning……

Thursday 19th October 2023

Mail delivered 63 Monthly total 772

Parcels delivered 86 Monthly total 1207 Same day delivery 98.8%

By my own admission I have always been a last minute buyer for Christmas, planning in advance has never been my forte. This year has to be different, I mean of course I am still gonna buy presents last minute, but I have to plan for the business. What we are working on currently is going to be of a huge benefit to our Wirral communities, businesses and residents. We will shortly be setting up post boxes in some of our clients premises. These post boxes are for their customers and nearby residents to send Christmas cards and parcels to other Wirral addresses. As an introduction to our services we will be offering lots of discounts on mail and parcels so you can save some of your hard earned money on making a memorable Christmas for your loved ones. I have already had lots of enquiries about where they can access this service and all venues will hopefully be announced by November 1st. On a standard small letter you can save 20p per item compared to Royal Mails prices. The introductory prices on parcels will be saving you prices in excess of £1 per item. With our current parcel same day delivery rate averaging around 98% our competitors can’t compete with our standard of service and prices.

The idea of the post box serves many purposes apart from the obvious benefits of a better service and saving money. The post box will draw footfall into the shops that have been chosen. The shop will earn income from hosting the post box. But most importantly it brings businesses, residents, customers and communities together at that special time of the year. Being a postman for 16 years, I got to see first hand the joy, suspense and mystery of handing over hand written addressed letters. People have always enjoyed receiving a hand written envelope, but it’s a dying art form. With extreme spiralling costs that our national postal service has imposed on the general public, it threatens the very nature and original intention of our mail service, connecting people. They will argue that the digital age and e-mail has speeded up the decline in mail volumes. In my opinion it’s the unrealistic price they now charge to send a letter, there is simply no value in the purchasing of a stamp anymore. Our aim is to re-invigorate the postal market with more affordable options, keeping our communities connected. Well on the Wirral at least……for now.

Not just a postman.

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