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Blossom, frogspawn and daffodil’s

Probably the earliest spring ever, it’s been a very mild late winter and I’m sure there will be a sting in the tail before it ends. It really feels like the days have got longer so much quicker than previous years. It’s been a nice start to the week with two great bike deliveries in glorious winter morning weather. Tomorrow mornings forecast however is pretty grim so fortunately we have worked ahead to create a space in our morning deliveries. Our adaptability around the weather just gives our employees a break from the worst of the weather. It also allows us to post better quality mail through your door as we strive to keep it away from the worst of the weather.

This has probably been the longest period since we started of not blogging, my apologies for that. A lack of creativity, time and future planning are to blame, as well as my tiredness before bed.

A lot has happened in this time tho, the main thing being that we are now on the council portal for payments and services which is huge for us. We commence deliveries for schools when they reopen after half term, currently trialling our first school from Monday. I know most businesses might think by the end of the year we hope to have increased to 4 or 5 schools. Or 5% of schools on the Wirral. I am going to be slightly more ambitious in my forecasts. By the end of the year if we don’t have 50% of Wirral schools putting their mail through us I will be disappointed. I am not ruling out it possibly being over 90%.

Why am I so confident?

Mail delivery comes down to two things:

1. SERVICE - We collect and we deliver. We come to your school and collect the mail. We deliver a month in lieu of payment making accounting easier just one payment a month, plus your mail is delivered before you pay. No mail gets sent out of the region to be automatically sorted by huge expensive machines only to be returned in the following days to be delivered yards away from its origin. No mail gets lost in the system and miss delivered to other parts of the country. Your first class mail is guaranteed delivery by the end of the day, the day after collection, with a large proportion being delivered the same day as delivery (something no other mail courier can achieve)

2. PRICE - Every item of mail whether it’s same day, next day or budget delivery is substantially cheaper than your current postal delivery service. The most popular delivery method is second class small letter if it’s stamped it’s 75p or if you are paying huge rental costs on a franking machine it’s 69p. With Local Postal Solutions special discount for schools and charities it’s 50p. That’s potentially a 25p saving per letter, for every 100 letters sent that’s a saving of £25. We have been operating for 8 months and some of our clients have already saved over £1000 by using Local Postal Solutions. Added to this they are receiving service levels never before seen in this industry.

If you work in a school, you have children that attend school, your on a board of governors or you have any connection with a school. Let them know about us, we want every school on the Wirral to be cutting their postal costs by at least 25% every year. The sooner they find out, the sooner they start saving.

The other huge benefit for schools is that we deliver over 90% of our mail by bicycle, making us the most viable environmentally sustainable delivery company you could use. It’s a great example to set to show the next generation coming through our school system of how we can innovate and rejuvenate the process and the environment.

Not just a postman.

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