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Blogging on a Saturday for the first time.

Sat 21/10

Mail 58 Monthly 875

Parcels 66 Monthly 1347

Easily on target for over 3000 items delivered this month, easily over 95% of parcels delivered same day as collection. Every parcel we deliver is a saving of at least £1.19 per item and every item of mail currently due to introductory offers is a minimum saving of 19p per item. This means this month we would have saved our local Wirral businesses over £2400 by sending their parcels and mail through Local Postal Solutions.

Before I started this adventure, I was told “it wouldn’t work”, “it’s impossible” and “why would people use you instead of Royal Mail”. Every one of my clients would answer that with “it does work”, “it’s amazing” and “why would people use Royal Mail for their local postings”. The truth of the matter is you pay the same price to send mail or parcels to the next street as you do to send mail or parcels to Lands End or John O’Groats. Our local parcels and postings are subsidising the national network. Why should businesses whose clients are predominantly local pay the same price as a business whose clients are nationwide. They shouldn’t and with us they don’t.

We are supporting many local businesses to compete, to get their products to the customer quicker, to receive returns more efficiently, to deliver mail more environmentally friendly. To pass on their savings to their customers encouraging repeat sales and helping them compete in the online market. Let’s encourage our great local businesses and wherever possible buy locally, use locally and think locally.

Not just a postman.

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