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Apologies for missing a day

I haven’t stopped the last two days, and last night I was so tired it was like I was drunk. You know when your mind just zones out, your short term memory just fails you as your mind is just drifting into a state of nonsense. A bit like most nights when your writing your blog I hear you say. Probably true to be fair, but being an eco friendly postman putting in hard miles on a bike, running a business, spending hours a day on the laptop and being a Dad to a demanding 3 year old often leaves me smiling at just the thought of going to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be an unusual day for me, it will start with bike delivery very early in the morning. Then follows car hunting, so I’ve just sold my beloved “Buster da Duster” automobile to buy a cheaper more economical runaround and to fund the purchase of an e-bike for deliveries to assist my 48 year old legs up the more painful inclines of our beautiful peninsula. The prices of second hand cars is ridiculous tho and their is little or no value to be had, which always makes me a bit indecisive. After all that indecisiveness I have to be more decisive as I aim to close in on a local target that I have been alerted to. Fingers crossed that we can add another business onto our growing portfolio of clients saving money whilst saving the planet.

Todays fact is all about Woodside Station which was opened in 1878 and closed in 1967 it provided rail services to London and a summer service to Bournemouth, sounds amazing, imagine if that still existed!!! From 1898 the station master was Thomas (Tom) Owen who later returned to his home county of Shropshire to take a senior post at Shrewsbury railway station in 1907. Tom Owen was the father of one of Wirrals most famous sons Wilfred Owen who attended Birkenhead Institute High School along with other famous pupils such as Lewis Collins (actor) and Sir Paul East founder of Local Postal Solutions.

Not just a postman.

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