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Anyone else receive a NIP for speeding on Greenleas Road in the last month.

Today I revisited the scene of my driving offence last week. Whether it’s legal to prosecute someone speeding here for me is not cut and dried. It most certainly isn’t morally correct. And there are still glaring errors in the few road signs that are present. About 10 yards from the Greenleas school there is a road sign coming out of Greenleas Close and onto Greenleas Road stating that Greenleas Road is a 30mph zone (see photo below) This doesn’t help my cause as it’s the junction up from the scene of my offence. On my extensive travels around Wirral I have seen hundreds of these anomalies, just highlights the slap dash nature of the 20mph implementation.

I couldn’t however fathom out why I was doing 27 in a supposed 20mph limit. It became clear when I retraced my route in. I was actually driving in my usual Sunday stroll way and under the 30mph speed limit I thought the road was. To try to explain the situation is rather boring so please bear with me. I had come off the flyover and was approaching the Dual Carriageway on Leasowe Road at that point there are 2 road signs about 30 metres before the junction saying 20mph. These aren’t highlighted or accompanied by roundels on the road, which critically means it is not a gateway to a 20mph zone. I am then turning left onto the dual carriageway. There is no signage for speed limits Von this section of the road. I then turn left onto Greenleas Road, it’s a road that’s about 400 metres long and is possibly the widest single lane carriageway on the Wirral. About 300 metres down this road the mobile police van was parked. I drive down Greenleas Road not actually knowing what the speed limit is as there has been no speed limit sign since the slip road before I got to Leasowe Road. The first small speed limit repeater sign appears approximately 400m since the last speed limit sign accompanied by two 20mph roundels. I notice these about 50 metres away and adjust my speed accordingly. Approximately 70 metres after the roundels sits the mobile police van. I think phew, lucky I seen the 20mph speed sign halfway down the road and slowed down.

A few days later I get a NIP saying 27mph in a 20mph zone clocked 142 metres away from the van. There are absolutely no speed signs on that road for the first 200 metres approx. (Outside no 36). I have walked the route today and checked the other route in along Leasowe Road it’s around 400 metres and for me two separate roads away from one speed limit sign to the next with a van sat just beyond it. It’s most certainly morally incorrect, is it fair? I don’t think it is. If there is even one repeater sign or even a roundel on the first 200metres of that road I would have to accept it. But there isn’t and I have got all the video evidence to back it up. What We need now is people who have been served an NIP on the same road so we can contest this and overturn thousands of pounds worth of fines or speed awareness fees and claw back 3 points and possibly reduce a 6 to 3 points of those exceeding speeds upwards of 31mph. If you were over 31 mph you can only hope for a reduction of what you’ve got, cos best case scenario we can only claim it’s neglegantly signposted or indeed signposted purposely to cause confusion to use Wirral motorists as a “cash cow”.

Please get in touch if you feel you’ve been wronged or if you have some kind of traffic law background and can advise, or comment if you think you have something valuable to add.

Until then we will keep saving our local Wirral businesses thousands of pounds every month with our ridiculously cheap mail and parcel service. If I do get fined tho you might find my ridiculously cheap mail and parcel distribution is not as ridiculously cheap as it was 😂😂😂😂 (joking by the way)

Have a good week folks and remember if your going to Greenleas Road don’t fall for the same trick as m they will be watching. Or if you do give me your feedback on whether you think the road markings are adequate. Oh and if anyone knows the date it was implemented that might be handy too.

Not just a postman

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2 days ago

I am in the exact same situation. I turned left from leasowe road and was captured right at the pedestrian crossing @27mph however there is no signage. The police camera was parked almost at the school junction.

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