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Absolutely no contract to sign…now you do the maths…

Here’s the thing, it’s your mail, it’s your parcels. We can only take your Wirral mail currently. It’s your property it’s your correspondence to your clients. And because it’s yours all we are is the service that connects you to your customers more efficiently, more eco friendly and amazingly over 33% cheaper than any other company. We have no intention of ever holding a contract over something that is yours. Please remember this when you think about using us, but more importantly please consider this when you sign up to a contract for often years to companies who are using your mail as a tool to squeeze money out of your business.

If you switch to us and don’t like the service for whatever reason (you will be the first) there is no contract we are not going to hold you into a contract for a service your not happy with, it’s your mail, it’s your choice. It’s not our mail, we are merely the courier. Competitors can significantly miss delivery targets, raise the price of their service, yet thousands of businesses up and down the land are tied in to a contract. They have no choice.

Now here is something I’ve have encountered a couple of times in recent weeks. And it’s being tied into a franking contract for so many years. This is important so please pay attention. Your a business who are paying for a franking machine approx £1200 (often a lot higher) but I’m trying to be fair. I won’t even mention the potential maintenance costs and ink to go on top. At £1200 your business would have to send 7500 small 2nd class letters in a year to get equivalent to buying stamps at 85p instead. Under this you are paying more than a stamp for your franked mail. Let’s say you send double the 7500 at 15000 small 2nd class letters per year, the price you are paying for your mail is 77p, that’s only if you are sending on average 288 letters every week of the year. No school I work for gets anywhere near these figures yet they all have a franking machine.

We went into a school who had just signed a 3 year franking contract. They are committed to paying the rental + any postal costs for three years. 12 weeks of the year they won’t send mail, generally. Your paying the rental and 69p minimum per letter, we are offering 50p, 19p below the franking price.

Let’s assume the school have ironically done their maths and they send 7500 small 2nd class items a year.

7500 x 0.69 (69p) = £5175

Rental (minimum) = £1200

Total (minimum) = £6375

£6375 divided by 7500 = exactly 85p per letter, the same price of a 2nd class stamp

Local Postal Solutions

No contract

No rental

Eco friendly delivery

7500 x 0.5 (50p) = £3750 you only pay for what you use.

That’s a saving of £2625 a year, astonishing. It blows my mind why every school hasn’t switched over yet, over 90% of their mail will be local.

One more thing if your a school and have a franking machine. The money you could save every year using Local Postal Solutions would pay for your franking rental until your lease is up. Your still paying a minimum 69p for every letter as opposed to 50p. It’s no wonder the field reps are out in force trying to extend your franking contracts. If Wirral council want to start saving money, this is a great place to start. We will be here waiting steadily growing our reputation.

Until then we will continue giving our amazing clients the most outstanding service at a fraction of the price everyone else is paying.

Not just a postman

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