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A quiet Saturday delivering.


Mail. 59. Monthly. 828

Monthly. 64. Monthly. 618. Same day delivery 100%

Saturdays always seem to be one of the quieter days of the week, which allows me to enjoy an early finish. It also allows us to clear every parcel same day, which is something we nearly always do anyway but especially so on a Saturday. One of the added bonuses of working on a Saturday is that people tend to be in, which makes delivering parcels that much easier.

We are quickly approaching the most tricky time of the year. Black Friday and Christmas combined with less daylight to deliver in. Of course we still deliver in the dark but it makes work a bit trickier especially finding house numbers. House numbers can always be found even if you don’t display one. The hardest thing about delivering in the dark is finding named houses, it can add 5 or 10 minutes onto a delivery.

Like todays delivery I will keep this blog short.

Not just a postman.

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