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A full week of no carbon emissions

What a revelation this week has been, and it’s been amazing. After Cycling around 150km for delivery this week, I’ve not only built in my own personal exercise routine, I’ve saved money on fuel, I’ve created a new way to work and I have done my bit to save the planet and keep our Wirral air clean. All in all a highly productive week, add to that a record number of website hits and things are looking bright.

Next weeks plan is to continue our greener objectives and grow the business now we have a structured delivery to the entire Wirral. Now we need the volume to continue this wonderful service.

I will be using the weekend to rest my legs, and I am certain the improvements in my fitness and my experience of cycling this week can make us more efficient and take us to the next level. My legs have been very achy since the 75km delivery on Tuesday, but it doesn’t stop me cycling, and I am sure it’s just my legs readjusting to its new regime.

Like the good old days, I had gone out early to deliver to give myself a half day Friday. And in true old fashioned style we went the pub for some food, enjoyed 2 pints, got some shopping in for the weekend and come home. The fresh air and the cycling must be knocking me out cos I’m already in bed smiling about the prospect of sleep.

As it’s Friday I am going to take an evening off from Wirral facts as I just wanna sleep.

Not just a postman.

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