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1st year anniversary, celebrating our clients : Walsh Autos

Those of you that follow the blog will already know that Walsh Autos were the first business to support us, and still support us to this day. Their MOT reminders go to literally every corner of the Wirral and beyond. Not only have they used us for mail deliveries they have also used us for delivering their leaflets and marketing their Black Friday event in Wirral sports.

It’s been an absolute privilege to deliver their mail and to help them save thousands of pounds on their postal costs. We deliver anywhere between 100 - 250 items every week and their mail still forms the backbone of our eco friendly bicycle deliveries. So far this year we have estimated that we have covered around 7,000 km on the bike and delivered around 7,500 items for this amazing local business.

It seemed rude not to use their services when my own car needed an MOT and consequently a small job doing. I have never had such a positive customer experience for an MOT as I did with them. From me turning up to leaving it took 25 minutes and I was back on the road. The waiting area for the MOT is unlike any other garage I have been to, spotlessly clean, vending machines, clean toilet facilities and a really relaxed atmosphere. With 4 MOT lanes and a dedicated lane for vans, motorhomes etc. It really is an extremely efficient, well run garage. I would highly recommend taking your car their for an MOT and a service. Always remember to say yes to an MOT reminder next year for a discount on next years MOT with the same vehicle. We will deliver your MOT reminder in plenty of time for you to take your car/van/motorhome back down for its annual check.

Thank you Walsh autos for putting your faith in us and consequently putting us on the map of local deliveries. Your customers always give us the most amazing feedback on our deliveries. We are looking forward to retracing last years steps with your annual deliveries and hopefully we will see some more new addresses as the year rolls on. Forever thankful.

Not just a postman

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