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1st year Anniversary celebrating our clients : Schools, CICs and charities.

We have always offered further reductions in prices for non profit making organisations. We started delivering for our first school in April and we had hoped for a flurry of schools to take up our offer. But as of yet the response has been pretty slow. It is however great to be saving the amazing school we do work for lots of money on their postage. As it’s a school we won’t mention the school we work for, but both the headmaster and business manager have been amazing in setting us up to be eligible to deliver for schools. Obviously we would love to be able to help every school and I’m sure over time this will happen. With the long summer holidays beckoning, it’s something we can work on in the Autumn.

We have been doing deliveries for an amazing CIC called Wirral Unplugged, if you have children and are looking for ways to tear them away from their computers and smart phones. Wirral unplugged could be the answer. They produce a range of themed activities to help stimulate social interaction whilst educating children, all encompassed in an eco friendly way.

Shortly we hope to be commencing deliveries of newsletters for CIC Wirral archaeology. Due to our uniqueness we can deliver their newsletters in a way which cuts out outer packaging and also cut out a labour intensive activity to produce this quarterly newsletter. To prevent replication it’s not something we feel we need to publicise. But not only will they be able to save huge amounts on their postal costs we have cut down paper/plastic waste and labour on their side. It’s a huge step forward in more eco friendly delivery and we are delighted that they have chosen to use our services.

Still to come this week are the class of 2024. All the newest clients which we have acquired in recent months, many of whom are from an amazing network group I am a part of. If your a new business owner or even an established business come back to read the blogs later in the week to find out all about this amazing network of businesses.

Not just a postman

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