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1st year anniversary celebrating our clients : Liesarco Boutique, Mello baby boutique, JLM and Northwest Locksmiths.

Around mid September last year we acquired the local parcels of JLM slimming, tanning and beauty. This was our first parcel client and it didn’t take long for the positive feedback to filter through. As we deliver the same day as collection many of their customers were receiving their deliveries within hours and even minutes of ordering products. No lost items, no damaged items due to the less robust nature of our parcel sortation. They immediately recommended us to both Liesarco boutique and Mello baby boutique and within a fortnight of delivering parcels for one client we were delivering for four as Northwest Locksmiths started using us at the same time.

Liesarco boutique started with about 10 parcels a week, but now most days we can be delivering over 10 parcels a day. All of Liesarco Boutiques customers are aware of the £3 per parcel delivery charge and the instant gratification of same day delivery. How many times have you gone to order something online for say £12 and when the postage gets added on your looking at paying over £17, and you bin the purchase off because the postage equates to half the value of the product your trying to purchase. Once local customers start to realise they can get postage for £3, the connection and bond with that customer just gets stronger and stronger. Repeat sales increase substantially and with the huge following Liesarco have online they are able to grow and be a real success story for local business in Liscard.

Mello baby boutique is a fabulous shop with its popping colours and Sunny European influences. It’s uniqueness and quality is what sets it aside from any other childrens clothing shop. Situated at the start of Seaview Road, I highly recommend a visit if your fed up with the same old styles your major high street retailers plough out.

So back to JLM and Northwest locksmiths, not only have they been one of our longest standing customers, they have also been an amazing source of advice and knowledge in my venture into business. Without there help we might never have been able to deliver parcels for both the amazing Liscard boutiques. In my first year of business I consider myself very fortunate to have met such amazing people, whose knowledge and experience has been a priceless asset in our first year.

Not just a postman.

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