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What have we learnt from January.

As someone who has always been employed by someone, I have never had to worry about getting back on track after Christmas. As a business owner, I have learnt that January is a tough month and turning revenue over is extremely challenging. When I was an employee I think I took it for granted that my employers had to generate a wage for me in a very challenging month. It would be fair to say that in December they would have definitely been making a pretty penny from my labour. However January is a difficult time for most businesses. Fortunately for us our overheads are comparatively low and I resisted the urge to employ a new member when December was going crazy. It’s proved to be a savvy decision, always trust your instincts.

In the courier and postal market, December distorts your whole business, it can be 5 times busier than your best month of the year and ours certainly was. On the flip side January distorts your business in the opposite direction, and gives you cause for concern. We welcome February to try and restore some parity. January is actually our 3rd strongest month since we started in July. But it also ended our month on month growth.

Over the next few months we are planning to make a few purchases to aid our sorting process as mail and especially Gold (first class) mail is rapidly rising. The mobile sorting frame once adapted allows us to sort our customers mail within seconds of collection. We currently do it manually but volumes are starting to get to a level where it’s going to be too time consuming without the right equipment. I say right equipment, what I have in my mind doesn’t exist in its entirety, it’s something that we are going to have to adapt for its potential to be realised.

Back on the bike tomorrow, looking forward to some fresh air. Tomorrow it# the turn of CH62, CH63, CH42 and CH43. It better be dry in the morning. If you see us out and about, give us a wave.

Not just a postman.

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