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Every record 🥇 smashed this week

What an amazing week we have had.

🥇Most LPS parcels in a week.

🏆Most LPS parcels in a day.

🥇Most LPS letters in a week.

🏆Most LPS letters in a day.

🥇Highest call rate for letters.

🏆Most website hits in a week.

🥇Most website hits in a day.

If that wasn't enough we have currently raised over £60 for the "Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group". Problem is with hitting all these new personal bests something has got to give, so here is my list of worsts this week.

👎Least amount of time updating the website.

👎Least amount of time updating accounts.

👎Least amount of free time.

Suppose you've gotta take the rough with the smooth. How long will it be till we break these new records? I'm going to guess about a week. Unlike other companies I won't be starting next week, with last weeks parcels that have not even been attempted to be delivered.

With amazing news coming next week, that I will share with you all on Monday I hope. It's another week to look forward too. Hope you all enjoy your Sundays off but for some it might just be.........

🥇Most LPS letters delivered on a Sunday. 🫣

Not just a postman.

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