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Badly addressed items

What an inconvenience, as well as the horrible feeling someone isn’t going to be happy. As of today I have 5 Christmas cards out of the near 1500 cards that are either badly addressed, incorrectly addressed or simply don’t exist. It happens all the time, but it’s very frustrating when your trying to do the best possible job. Someone has paid for a card to be delivered, so your disappointing them despite it not being our fault, but also someone doesn’t receive an intended card. It’s such a shame. However there has been at least a dozen items which were badly addressed but we have found the intended home for, that’s a great feeling when we can rectify the senders mistake. Not putting a postcode on is normally the final nail in the coffin, the right postcode is so important in mail delivery.

The postcode has so many features to pinpoint delivery. The first two letters, the region for us it’s CH a huge area covering Cheshire, the next two numbers determine which Town/city it’s in. Then the next number gives it a smaller region within that town/city these will be numbered from 0 thro to 9. Every postcode has 10 sub regions within it. The letters at the end will pinpoint the location to a street or part of a street. It’s like an olden day equivalent of “what three words” although an address with what three words would be even more accurate but probably more prone to error especially if the sender has chronic spoonerisms or malapropisms.

Anyway two delivery days left before Christmas, and although the weather has tried it’s best to scupper deliveries we are absolutely bang on target for delivering Christmas for you. With any luck and a good delivery session tomorrow we could have the Christmas card post wrapped up a day early. Our parcel delivery has seen record levels this week which is to be expected, but most of our parcel clients are not opening on Christmas Eve, which is nice. And although we are not there yet I couldn’t of expected Christmas to run as smoothly as it has done especially in our first year. It has given us a tremendous insight into the scope of our operation, especially the mail side. The signs are so positive for next year, we can’t wait to start bringing new customers our huge savings and amazing service.

Not just a postman.

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