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Approaching the crossroads

Hope you have all had a good week, todays blog is about Local Postal Solutions over the next few months up to the end of the financial year which is April the 5th next year. So it’s nearly 6 months away, by which time we still won’t be a year old as a business. The “crossroads” isn’t a cause for concern or a negative expression in this circumstance, it’s an evolving of innovation to maximise the opportunity that lies before us as a company.

Our original intention and our primary source of income was to disrupt the mail market due to its current over pricing and ineffective delivery of first class mail. If you’ve ever worked in the post or no someone who does I am sure your well aware of the chronic failures that are becoming more widespread in offices all around the country. Our original aim was to offer local businesses reduced mail prices for a service that completely obliterates any national offer. Every client that we have started delivering mail for have never stopped using us once they have changed, In most cases their volumes of mail have increased month on month to utilise the local market and the feedback we have received off every business we represent has been overwhelming. Over 95% of our mail is delivered by bicycle making us not only the cheapest and more personable service but also the only environmentally friendly option for mail delivery. Growing the mail side of the business was always going to be a slow burner and will always be a challenging labour intensive process week in week out. It’s a process tho that I sadly enjoy from collection, sorting and delivery it challenges me every week, takes up a lot of time but ultimately it’s keeping me fit and driving me forward.

The “crossroads” we are at as a business is we have a huge demand for local businesses to use our parcel branch of Local Postal Solutions. This is something that wasn’t on the business plan for the first 12 months, but in the last few weeks we are picking up clients all over the Wirral to deliver their parcels for their local customers. Every single client we now use has joined us from the amazing feedback we have received off the first clients we delivered for, it has been truly an honour to deliver the service we do for them and continue to going forward. We guarantee same day delivery for florists, we are currently running at over 90% same day delivery as collection which starts at 1pm and the longest delivery time we have had on a parcel is 26 hours from the time of collection. To use an example of one of my clients who sends us anything between 20-40 items per week. They are saving £1.45 per item as opposed to Royal Mail. Saving them up to £59 a week, furthermore they are getting feedback saying “ what an amazing service, I only put my order in 2 hours ago, I used to wait up to a week for my order to arrive Royal Mail first class”. That order is then used a week before it was due to be used, driving the repeat sale through quicker than it was originally. Which is then of great benefit to our client. We do same day guarantees for a wonderful florist in Wallasey. She used to do the deliveries herself by closing the shop early to go out to do deliveries but was losing potential customers calling into the shop before closing time. Her amazing flowers, bouquets and gifts don’t just brighten up my day but also the customers that receive them safely and delivered without delay or damage. We also deliver online orders for the retail sector and we are looking forward to the seasonal rush and ensuring our clients and their customers get the best xmas delivery service. The retail companies we deliver for also benefit from our returns service that is available which gets their products back to them the next day after collection from their customers.

My prime focus will always be to help our local small businesses who are sending mail and parcels locally to save money whilst receiving a faultless service that is delivering the same day as collection. If your reading this and know someone who could benefit from what we do, let them know, you will be doing them a huge favour, Local Postal Solutions a huge favour and more importantly the people of Wirral a huge favour by receiving a higher quality service at a reduced cost and a more environmentally friendly delivery service.

So, I’ve gone on a bit of a waffle. Here is how we intend to function for the next few months, but we constantly evolve so it’s subject to change. We will continue to do AM postal deliveries from 7 in the morning by bicycle Monday to Saturday. Some of these postal deliveries will include parcels which are deliverable by bike. As an example depending on mail volumes delivery spans from 4 days to 6 days or 1/4 of the Wirral over 4 days or 1/6 of the Wirral over 6 days. We always know our postal area for the following day. If we are delivering over 4 days and for example the following days mail delivery will be for CH42, CH62 and CH63 any parcels we pick up the day before will be delivered the same day unless it’s for the areas we are posting the following day in this case CH42, CH62 and CH63. This means over 75% of your parcels on average will be delivered same day as collection. I say over 75% as a lot of parcels pay for same day guarantee and some parcels will be too large or heavy to be delivered by bicycle. We have an AM delivery span of between 7-10. Our afternoon mail and parcel collections start as early as 1230 and then delivery goes on till well, everything thats due to be delivered gets delivered. As the parcels will occasionally go out with the mail, this works the opposite way to as any mail that’s via or near a parcel delivery will be delivered to help our mail network.

That’s the beautiful crossroads that we are at, an exceptional morning mail service running alongside an afternoon same day parcel delivery to which our competitors have no answer to with regards to primarily service, they can’t deliver your parcel same day. And they can’t beat our prices, they simply can’t even compete with our prices.

We have a leaflet campaign in the offing to further spread our services for both mail and parcels, we look forward to bringing you this ground breaking service and it’s our privilege to be at your service. For more information call 07830 369 446 or email

If you’ve found us on social media you can visit us at where you can find out more about what we do. For the best results try this on laptop or tablet the mobile version is a source of my daily frustrations. You can also read a whole library of “Not just a postman” blogs since our inauguration earlier this year.

Not just a postman.

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