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Our Wirral parcel service is amazing value and with over 90% of our parcels currently being delivered on the same day as collection. As your parcels dont go through a rigorous sorting process and through numerous pairs of hands. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your parcels will get to your customers with no damage and never "lost in the network".

We have also taken away the minefield of different prices for weight. We simply have small (postable), medium (anything that is too large to post) and large for any heavy or items which take up a large space. No more queing in the post office, we come to your premises to collect all your parcels. The complete business to customer service for all of the Wirral. 

a small letterbox friendly parcel on a n

Small Parcels

For small postable parcels we come to your address collect, sort and deliver over 90% same day. Any not delivered same day are priority for the next morning.

All of this for just.....



£1.49saving compared to Royal Mail

A shoe box sized dark blue parcel on a g

Medium Parcels

With medium parcels we come to your address collect, sort and deliver over 90% same day. The remainder will be delivered the following day. Your parcel is never left at an unattended location. We leave it with the customer or with a neighbour, everytime. Parcels up to 5kg.


£2.49 saving compared to Royal Mail


Large and heavy tv sized gold parcel on

Large Parcels

Our large parcels have all the same guarantees and process of the smaller parcels. With even greater savings available on larger parcels. Local Postal Solutions can save your customers huge amounts on postage. Parcels up to 12kg.


£2.69 saving compared to Royal Mail

The benefits of same day delivery

Same day delivery has been a game changer for the businesses we currently serve. With instant gratification for their customers, they are more likely to re-order especially when our significantly lower delivery prices are passed on to your customers. From our experiences we know that people often pull out of a sale when confronted with the delivery price, they are also likely to pull out if a delivery date for the cheaper postage is for a period of more than a couple of days. The impact on your business for same or next day delivery for a price that is not pence cheaper but a minimum of £1.49 cheaper. Put yourself in the position of a customer wanting to purchase a medium parcel for £20 with £6.29 postage (nearly 1/3 of the value of the parcel ) and knowing it might not arrive for up to 5 days. And then the same customer making the same order for £3.00 postage and knowing it will be turning up the same day or next day. This is how our parcel delivery is driving sales and repeat sales for the customers we deliver for. 

To discuss how we can advance your businesses delivery process call 07830 369 446 or e-mail 

Start really connecting with your customers today. Local Postal Solutions. 

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