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Your mail is our absolute priority, if you pay for "first class" service with us that's exactly what you get. We have two classes of mail GOLD "first class" and "SILVER" second class. On this page we will discover more about our service , our prices and how using Local Postal Solutions will benefit your business in more ways than just quality of service and price. 

The Importance of next day mail delivery

After working for over 16 years as a Postman, the prioritisation of first class mail being delivered the next day was the most important aspect of the job. Sadly, since COVID priorities shifted and first class mail only exists to the extent of a second class service but for a price that is not justified by the service you currently receive. The option for first and second class exists because some mail is time critical whether its hospital appointments, test results, invoices, legal documents and prescriptions. The majority of your important mail is sent locally, and not having a guaranteed next day service can be damaging for business and also for residents of the Wirral. Why should businesses have to suffer yet pay over inflated prices? Why should people have more sleepless nights waiting for hospital appointments or receiving life altering test results? At Local Postal Solutions we are offering that guaranteed next day delivery with added benefits. We have new clients switching their mail every week, joining our growing community of businesses who are getting guaranteed next day delivery, whilst saving thousands of pounds every year.

                                1. Over 50% of our first class equivalent mail is currently delivered the same day.

                                    2. A minimum saving of 45p per item for using our first class equivalent service.

                                    3. We collect from your premises, so no more post office queues, purchasing stamps, or finding a post box before collection time.

                                    4.  A Wirral business, employing Wirral people. Helping promote local business.

                                    5. Regular donations to local based charities. Christmas 2023 we raised £150 for Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group with our Christmas post boxes.

                                   6. If you currently send franked mail, we spare you the laborious job of franking your mail.


Gold Mail (first class)

                                         Royal Mail        Local Postal          Savings

                                         Stamped              Solutions                  

LETTER                          £1.35                        90p                      45p

LARGE LETTER          £2.10                   £1.20                       90p

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Silver Mail (second class)

                                         Royal Mail        Local Postal              Savings

                                          Stamped             Solutions        

LETTER                               85p                      55p                          30p

LARGE LETTER            £1.55                     90p                          65p

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Any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.

 Call 07830 369 446

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