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Thanks for taking the time to get an insight into how we can make savings for you and your business. Without giving too much away about our innovative operation and our logistics, here is something to ponder as no one really considers the journey your mail and valuable parcels currently take when it leaves your premises....................

What currently happens to your post and parcels.

So at Local Postal Solutions you'll often hear us say "still paying a national price for your local post?". If we can just expand on that, everyone is currently paying the same price for mail and parcels regardless of its destination. So you might send an item of mail to Lands End or John O'Groats and it costs the same price as sending an item of mail to your next door neighbour. So in a nutshell, your current local mail is subsidising the cost of all the mail travelling the full length of the country. 

Your mail and parcels current process and journey is very complexed and it will go someway to explaining how Local Postal Solutions can deliver your mail and parcels more efficiently and at a more affordable price.

From leaving your possession your mail and parcels will make a minimum of 4 journeys all by van or HGV. It will travel a minimum of 40 miles to reach its sorting destination and return to the Wirral. At least 6 different workers will handle your mail and parcels. And for automated sortation a computer will scan all the delivery details on your mail and parcels. That's a lot of information being stored.


For example, our competitors process to collect 20 items of mail from you and sort it ready for delivery takes up to 24 hours and often longer. At Local Postal Solutions we collect your mail and parcels and it is sorted ready for delivery within 2 minutes of leaving your premises. We have cut the current process down by a whole day. That is how we are more efficient than any of our competitors. We also don't use any technology to collect and store information of your addressee's. Your mail and parcels are always with our operatives and never left unattended in an office or warehouse. Your mail and parcels will never sit on a delivery office floor for days waiting to be delivered but also being more vulnerable to being lost, mis-placed or even stolen.

Our innovative approach during collection and sorting not only reduces the time frame dramatically it allows us to save money on labour, unnecessary logistics, and technology. The money we save is passed on to you the customer, to give you the best service at an ultra competitive price. 

If you value local business and initiative, great service, affordability and the environment then Local Postal Solutions is the supreme option for all your Wirral mail.

Currently our postal operation is delivered almost entirely by bicycle. Our aim is to have a 100% electric operation by 2025, further reducing our carbon footprint and help keep our Wirral air clean. We hope that you choose to help revolutionise the future of postal services today. We look forward to hearing from you.

 Think about local business, think about the process, think about the environment, think about great service, think about saving money, think Local Postal Solutions.



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