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You live and learn…..

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

It was always my intention to only deliver to the Wirral but when I was sorting and there was 7 items for Ellesmere Port and Neston I thought “ah go on then”. What a mistake that turned out to be, Riding from Eastham ferry to Ellesmere Port was just the beginning of a nightmare of a delivery. I had 2 the far side of Ellesmere Port town centre one in Little Sutton one in Great Sutton and the one in Hooton. It was mile after mile of torture, and the delivery rate was abysmal. By the time I had got to Hooton, I was done. It felt like I was permanently riding uphill, my legs were burning the aches in your arms neck and back from being in the same position. But worst of all the pain in my butt from the saddle was torturous, if I pass a solid again I will be surprised. From Hooton I had to go to Willaston and then back track a little to Burton. Then the ride to Neston, fraught with danger on the Chester High Road and it felt like I was peddling backwards. However before I got to deliver in Neston I stopped for some much needed lunch and a rest.

It didn’t instantly make any difference but slowly and surely my lunch must have made its way to my legs and although the hills were getting almost impossible for me to climb. I felt like I was at least making progress. I was soon dropping my last delivery and making my way to Landican Lane for a scenic route back to base. Finally finished I checked my fitness app to see how far I had cycled 75km, I couldn’t believe it. Rest assured I won’t be doing it again, my butt won’t let me. I have however spent the evening re-plotting my routes, and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome, they have a more balanced look to them now.

At least I can report 75km at net zero for Local Postal Solutions, I must have seen at least 15 mail vans all petrol, pumping out fumes and polluting our Wirral air. So, if your a business or a school, or a charity, or a clinic or a hospital think about how our air is getting polluted by a company which is more expensive and catastrophically fail everyday meeting their delivery targets. Think about giving local postal solutions a ring and getting a net zero collection and delivery service.

07830 369 446 call today for a no obligation free savings quote.

As I am delivering to the delightful Wallasey and New Brighton tomorrow here is todays fascinating fact. The Wallasey golf club is where club member Dr Frank Stableford, developed the stableford system of points scoring. This was first used in competition in 1932.

Not just a postman.

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