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📺 Tune into ITV 📺 at 830pm on Thursday 14th December.

I will be making my first ever TV appearance courtesy of the "Tonight" programme. ITVs flagship current affairs programme. We discuss what it means to be a postman, how local mail is currently dealt with, how we can improve that service for a better price. It was an amazing opportunity which was offered to us, to discuss what we are doing to improve service, quality and price and also making sure customers who pay for "first class" get better than "first class" service. I have to admit though, I probably won't enjoy it as hearing my own voice makes me cringe. We filmed a few weeks ago but until I got confirmation of our appearance I have had to keep it under wraps. Although I enjoyed the whole experience it's quite repetitive and makes for a long day, but I am sure the outcome makes it all worthwhile.

We are not far off hitting our target for our Christmas post boxes, it has been overwhelming the response to it and phenomenal considering the very short time frame we had to set it all up. However, as much as it has been a privilege, wherever possible try to get the addresses correct and postcodes are so helpful too. I've had roads that don't exist, postcodes that don't exist, wrongly spelt roads, street instead of road, avenue instead of close etc. It really helps if you can get it right as trying to locate some cards that have the wrong information on is extremely time consuming. In my last job you were told to "kill them off" which effectively means halt its journey and see turn to sender if possible. It's a process I have always disliked, I will always try to find the right home for each card that is sent, but it will be impossible to expect a 100% success rate with badly addressed items.

For tonight I will keep this short, if you could see my workload you would understand why.

Not just a postman.

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