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The poor bike has been sidelined this week

Due to the snow, ice and frost I haven’t been able to get out on the bike this week. As much as I prefer to do all the post on bike, it’s just too dangerous to attempt. The forecast is looking more friendly for the next week so with any luck we can recommence our more eco friendly option. I am desperate for the exercise and delivering in the car is far more expensive as well as being not very eco friendly.

I think today in some parts of the Wirral it was the most treacherous that it has been all week. Parts of Wallasey are just icy streets, and quieter roads in Hoylake were like a winter wonderland. I love the snow, but when it turns dangerously icy it needs to go.

The last time I was out on the bike I had a puncture which has been repaired but your never 100% sure until you go back out again whether your puncture repair has worked. Mainly due to the fact that what punctured the tyre was still in the tyre and was tricky to remove, did I get all of it I am not certain.

I can’t complain about the bike I don’t think 2 punctures in 6 months is too bad considering we average over 100 miles per week. It’s not as if we will win any rewards for best carers of a bike, fortunately I have 2 identical bikes and I am yet to deploy bike number 2, that’s partly because it has 2 suspected degraded inner tubes, and partly because it’s locked up and under a stack of stuff, and it’s easier to repair a puncture than it is to salvage bike 2 at the moment.

We have had a steady week this week and our latest mail client has just blended in to our daily routine. Our newest parcel client has already received amazing feedback from our service. What started as a quiet month (predictably) has really started to gain momentum. Obviously we won’t be hitting the December highs, but we have put ourselves in great shape for the rest of the winter. Let’s just hope the weather improves so we can get back to our usual bicycle service.

Not just a postman.

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