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Today we were asked by a well known local business how much it would cost to deliver 150 large letters next day delivery (GOLD class) to various addresses on the Wirral. I responded with £180. they quite honestly replied “You might have got your figures wrong, as we’ve just checked a well known national postal service and it is priced at £315”. I sent back “figures are correct it’s £180 with Local Postal Solutions and a large portion of them will be delivered same day as collection”. I got an e-mail back saying “that’s unbelievable but we are gutted that we’ve only just realised that this year alone we could have saved well over £500”. “Welcome to Local Postal Solutions, the only company where you don’t pay a national price for your local mail”.

At £2.10 to send an A4 letter is an absurd price. How can a business compete at those prices? Sending 6 letters is equivalent to employing someone for an hour. How did our post become so expensive? Quite simply, there is no competition in the mail market so they can and do charge you what they want. The sad thing is they keep referring to the mail being in decline, and it is and that’s because the prices are that high no one can afford it anymore. It’s a self made problem. As the prices go up the businesses that are being punished are those that don’t send enough mail out to warrant the cheaper rates. All the big national companies will be paying buttons for their mail, whilst all the small local businesses will be paying top whack whilst trying to compete with the big players. Everything is designed to let the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer.

Local Postal Solutions exists to try to level that playing field at least for Wirral business, service and residents. We are committed to providing local schools and charities with huge reductions in their mail costs. Local businesses can save thousands of pounds every year sending their local mail through us, and not forgetting their local parcels too. We also deliver leaflets cheaper than everyone else but only for Wirral businesses. We have declined opportunities to deliver leaflets for national brands, it’s just not what we are about. We want to save local businesses money to help them compete and collectively put Wirral at the forefront of economic growth in the country.

We need your help to spread the word, let people now about what we do and how we plan to develop this across our beautiful Wirral peninsula. The business at the moment is post, but the plans to develop that aspect creates an array of possibilities. Some of which we will share with you later on this year. This week however there will be an insightful blog regarding our beautiful peninsula so keep checking back in.

On a more less serious note, tomorrow in a desperate attempt to get summer ready I am going to attempt Local Postal Solutions first post run. So we have had post car and post bike, tomorrow is delivering post on a morning jog. At a rough guess it’s about 8km but I haven’t ran for over 18 months and I’m 49 and a lot out of shape. If there’s no blog by the end of the week you can probably guess what’s happened 😂

Not just a postman

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