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Invoicing to suit your business

At Local Postal Solutions there are many ways that we have altered the face of mail and parcel delivery. One of our customers most valued benefits is how we invoice. Unlike our competitors we deliver first and invoice payment upto a month in advance for our established customers. As an example we deliver all your mail for March and in April we will generate an invoice for March’s work. One payment per month, rather than paying every day in advance. Any discrepancies can be deducted from the bill rather than an elongated complaints process normally resulting in stamps for a service that your complaining about. And those stamps by the way will probably only cover the cost of you resending the mail that was failed to be delivered.

For some businesses who prefer weekly invoicing we can do that too. We can literally tailor your needs to what suits you best. Giving you options, letting you keep your money for longer and generally giving your business the flexibility it needs. We are proud to represent a range of businesses all of whom have set up their invoicing to suit them. From clients whom we collect mail every day to clients who require one day a week and even once a month, we even have clients who just call us when they have generated mail for delivery once every few months. If you don’t require our services for a week or a month you don’t generate an invoice you only ever pay for what you use, no hidden charges, no collection charges. Just a mail and parcel service that delivers what it promises to the Wirral residents.

If you think we could be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07830 369 446 and talk to Paul. We can call in and discuss all available options, trial us for a month, new haven’t lost a single customer since we started.

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