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From the snow ❄️ and ice to the wind 💨 and the rain 🌧

Looks like the bike round is off tomorrow, fortunately we are well ahead of our schedules for the week. Even with our newest recruits boosting our daily Mail intake, our postal operations since Christmas have been faultless. Our afternoon parcel duties have been prolific too, mainly due to the lower volumes but we still have days we’re our parcel duties are saturated and yet we are operating above 95% on same day deliveries. That’s same day not the day after at best. Even our clients now offer same day delivery when advertising their stock and it’s having a positive effect on their sales.

With proposed transformations to Royal Mails Saturday mail operations, we would like to take this opportunity to say we will never stop delivering your vitally important mail on a Saturday. Our first class equivalent post service is 100% at delivering your first class mail before the end of the following day after collection.

Back onto the proposed Royal Mail abolishment of Saturdays. If your awaiting important results from the hospital and your worrying, sleepless nights, anxiety. The hospital send your first class mail out on Thursday, it like a lot of first class mail doesn’t make delivery on Friday your sleepless nights and anxiety will continue to Monday at best. But as mail is still getting collected a typical Monday will actually be Mondays mail and the defunct Saturdays mail meaning the rounds will be too busy to actually deliver your first class hospital letter in most cases. If Saturdays go it’s an end to what is already a sub standard first class mail service yet they will still try and charge you for that next day service. We are passionate about first class mail, we want first class mail and we want it because we can deliver it within the time frame we specify. We will soon be the only company that can, and the sooner our local businesses and services recognise that, the sooner we can start saving all of our Wirral residents money.

We can only do what is put in front of us and this week is expected to be relatively quiet. The last week before pay day often is especially on the parcel front. Quiet weeks just gives us more time to go and visit potential new mail clients and parcel clients. If you know any businesses that send mail locally or parcels drop us an enquiry and we will always pay them a visit to see if it’s a viable alternative for them.

Not just a postman.

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